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Serve and Savor Cookbook: E-Book Format

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Serve and Savor makes it easy to avoid common processed foods while preparing delicious meals you'll be excited to serve (including gluten-free).

These clean eating recipes are ideal for those cooking for the first time, newlyweds, and busy families ready to make great-tasting whole food cooking a regular part of life.

  • Develop a healthy food philosophy while preparing delicious meals with whole foods.
  • Glean from make-ahead tips as well as making the most of leftovers to save time and money.
  • Prepare gluten-free meals for yourself or others with confidence.
  • Discover healthy alternatives to common processed foods.

This unique cookbook is arranged based on your goal or need rather than food type. It begins with a chapter on Simplicity (easy and straightforward) and concludes with Adventure (grilling and baking).

Need a foolproof dish for a party or potluck? It's in the Gathering chapter. There's also a Convenient Slow Food section for those ready to stock their freezer with wholesome meals and kick the habit of grab-and-go processed foods.

Each recipe includes helpful suggestions for gluten-free conversion, make-ahead tips, ingredient substitutions, enhancements for entertaining, as well as making the most of leftovers.

You will also find helpful meal planning tips with techniques for saving time and money. 



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