Green Chile Chix Rub - Savoring Today Store
Green Chile Chix Rub - Savoring Today Store
Green Chile Chix Rub - Savoring Today Store
Green Chile Chix Rub - Savoring Today Store

Green Chile Chix Rub

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Our Green Chile Chicken Rub provides a unique, mildly smoky green chile and citrus flavor, to complement roasted or grilled poultry.

It is superb by itself or combined with buttermilk for a simple marinade. 

  • Only whole ground spices, no extractives.
  • Rich, smoky flavor comes from naturally smoked whole ingredients, not sprayed-on powders. 
  • No MSG, preservatives, or anti-caking agents, and ingredients are never hidden under "natural flavors". 
  • Made with naturally smoked sea salt and coconut palm sugar, so it's Clean Eating and Paleo diet friendly too. 

Green Chile Chix Rub by Savoring Today is handcrafted to complement poultry with unique green chile and citrus flavor.

Ingredients: green chile, citrus peel, applewood smoked sea salt, coconut palm sugar, pepper, smoked paprika, cumin, onion, and garlic

Customer Reviews

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Dad can’t take all the credit for this one!

I bought the multi-pack spice combination as a gift for my Dad this past Father’s Day and every time he has grilled since— he has used the spices in all of his marinades! So maybe it was a little bit of a selfish gift knowing I would be a beneficiary as well, but I have been blown away by them all. I especially love the Green Chile Chix rub as it takes boring, bland chicken and brings it to life giving your mouth an awakening of AMAZING flavor that’s not too spicy! Judy, you’ve done it yet again! (And sorry Dad...but I know the real reason why you’re grilling skills have gone up a few knotches since July;)

Ha! Chelsea, I'm so glad to hear that your dad's grilling skills have been so impressive lately. ;) And glad to hear you are enjoying the gift too! Thanks for letting me know you love the Green Chile Chix Rub.
Incredible Flavor

The Green Chile Chix Rub adds incredible flavor to my chicken, pork, fish, and even vegetable dishes, adding a nice smoky flavor with a kick. I appreciate that it has wholesome natural ingredients and does not add fat or calories to my dishes. One of my favorite dishes is to rub the inside of spaghetti squash with a bit of olive oil and a few shakes of the Green Chile Chix rub and roast it in the oven. Yum!

Julie, thanks for taking the time to let us know you're as crazy about our Green Chile Chix Rub as we are! We haven't tried it on spaghetti squash yet -- that's a great idea.
Not only for chicken!

I love savoring today's grubs and spices . Don't be limited by the title of this one . I have used it to finish off my taco seasoning after using the fajita mix . And also to mix into hamburgers . This is my new go to flavor for many recipes . Tonight it is actually gonna go on chicken :-)

We are so pleased to hear you love our Green Chile Chix Rub as much as we do! We love hearing all the creative ways our customers use it too. Thanks for taking the time to post a review!



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